Is your manicurist using sterilized tools for your service?

Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sterilizing are the three steps for proper infection control. The vast majority of contaminants and pathogens can be washed from the surfaces of tools and implements through proper cleaning. However, cleaned surfaces can still harbor small amounts of pathogens. Cleaning followed by disinfecting is a minimum 2-step approach. Disinfecting is a chemical process that uses specific products to destroy organisms on nonporous surfaces. While these two steps are great, disinfecting is not effective against bacterial spores. At Nouveau Départ, we take cleanliness one step further with hospital grade sterilization by autoclave method. Sterilization is the process that completely destroys all microbial life, including spores. If you aren’t sure what a properly autoclaved packet of tools looks like, be sure to ask our nail technicians the next time you start your service!

Christopher Simon