Bye Bye, Dip


Bye bye, dip…...for now.

Dip systems are relatively new to the nail industry. There are several great systems that have great wear, but unfortunately do not fit with our healthy non toxic approach.

In response to customer demand, we implemented a dip service offering with a brand that did in fact fit with our healthy approach/ non toxic philosophy. However, at this time we are choosing to remove this from our menu. While the product itself is a healthier alternative, we did not feel that we were consistently getting quality results. It has worked for some, but not a large enough majority to meet our standard of quality.

While we aren’t necessarily saying goodbye forever, we will, however say goodbye for now. With the industry constantly changing, our pledge is to always strive to provide healthy alternatives. We will keep our eye out for further development in this category, as we hope with time and improvements we are able to bring this option back.

Christopher Simon